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There’s a new, exciting health wave among women and I’m 100% on board with it: clean feminine hygiene products (by the hundreds)!

In these past two weeks alone, I’ve purchased three new products that are free of harsh chemicals, parabens, etc. and full of good-for-you ingredients or materials. While there are surely twenty or even a hundred more companies with wonderful, passionate mission statements and causes, I chose the following three products to help make my period and post-period days more comfortable, and to find a more body-complementing deodorant.

Note: We are not getting endorsed to mention these products, nor do we get a cut of any profits from purchasing them. We simply want to share what’s good with our sisters.




1. L., – Chlorine, Pesticide, Dyes and Fragance Free Products.

This company is “By Women For Women” and boy do I feel the love. Their products are made of materials like hypoallergenic cotton, are synthetic pesticide-free and include no dyes or fragrances. But, perhaps the most important part of this company is that for every L. product you purchase, they give something from their line to a girl in need. They’re a true 1:1 group of women behind a cruelty-free feminine product to not only help you give your body a break from harsh and unnecessary chemicals, but to also help those in need. To give both the aware and non-aware women access to a trustworthy, healthy period product.

I purchased the “Super…califragilisticexpialidocious” Ultra Thin Pads and have some lovely reports. The hypoallergenic cotton topsheet is super soft and comfortable whether you’re sitting or walking. I haven’t tested them against hard workouts or yoga, but the way they form to your body is better than any regular pad I’ve used. The softer, more pliable materials of this pad shape to your curves which ensures no leakage. There’s also a sticky back along the pad with wings that help keep it in place. Again, better than any of the common pad brands out there in my opinion. These L. pads are gentle, but reliable. Worth the 7 or 8 dollars I paid for a resealable pack of 42.

  2. Cora, Period Liners.

I’m a sucker for aesthetically-pleasing packaging and branding design, so I was immediately drawn to the Cora brand. Clean, white, soft packaging that stands up on it’s own and has a “peel and reseal” tab. There liners are also free of chlorine, fragrances and artificial dyes and come with a helpful little pamphlet inside to show you just how absorbent and trustworthy their little liner is! They’re even made with renewable energy in the USA! I mean when was the last time you even saw something made in the USA let alone used it in the most personal way? These Cora Period Liners are discreet, an actual work of art, and guarantee their protection or else you can send them in to get your money back. Oh, and they also give pads to girls in need with every purchase.

I purchased the Ultra Thin Regular Period Liners Without Wings and couldn’t be more in love with the simplicity, yet effectiveness of them. I bought these in addition to the L. brand pads because there are always a few days when my period is technically over but still has a few things to say…if you know what I mean. So, I just needed something lite and minimal, to keep my undies fresh and myself clean for a couple days each month and these fit the bill! They’re pretty sturdy, not as soft as the L. brand pads, but they are still comfortable. Very thin, very delicate, but ultra-absorbent and again, reliable. You can also shop their family of products ranging from organic tampons to body cloths and more, which I definitely plan to do next time around.

 3. Myro. Plant-powered, smell-good, actually-works deodorant.

Myro is an incredible team of thinkers and creators that came up with a deodorant that not only has several natural scent options, but also guarantees to do its job! They, too, have a “Better Vibes, Love It Or Send It Back” guarantee with no strings attached. Of course, they’re rocking my world because they’re aluminum free (which has been linked to different types of cancer in recent studies), and they’re free of baking soda, parabens and other “sketchy stuff” like talc and phthalates.  I’m all for it, because it matters to our health in the long run.

Myro popped up on my Instagram as a suggested product aaaaaaaaaand…I took the bait. But boy am I glad I did! About a year ago I switched to Schmidt’s deodorant for women, which is a natural aluminum-free deodorant, and although I adore the scent, it feels like sandpaper going on and also leaves my pits wet (ew). So, I figured it’s time to try something new but didn’t know independent deodorant companies even existed. Myro has a promotion going on right now that gives you free shipping, a free case in the color of your choosing and has five dreamy scent options. It’s 10 bucks for your first one, and then it’s subscription-based. I’m not sure if I’ll continue, but want to be able to try it and see. This Myro deodorant is meant to be a refillable case where you can switch scents each month or every three months if you’d like. By reducing the amount of plastic and reusing the case, their refills are saving the planet two pits at a time.


written by Meag Young

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